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Who are mashwanis?

The Mashwani (also Moshwani, Meshwani, or Miswani) (Urdu: مشوانی‎) are living in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

The Mashwanis are descended from the Islamic prophet Muhammad through his daughter Fatimah and her husband Ali Ibne Abu Talib. However, most contemporary scholars[who?] agree that they are of mixed indigenous blood.

According to Syed Umer Khitab of Gallai, Hasan Ali of Chinar kot and Juma Khan of Dir Lower, mashwanis link back to Hazrat Gaisu Daraz. Mashwani Tribe is settled in NWFP (Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah) and Baluchistan. Mashwanis are mainly located in Gudwalian, Sirikot, Attock, Umar Khana, Sherawal Kundi, Ghazi, Hemlat and many other villages of Haripur Hazara, NWFP (Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah). Dir District, Swabi and Mohmand Agency are other homes of Mashwani tribe. mashwanis played a vital role in fighting against sikhs and are known heroes of their time. They are brave. Their mother language is Pashto. They have a unique culture. Mashwani people are very friendly and are famous for hospitality. More about mashwanis here

Historical role

The Mashwanis played an active role in resistance against the Sikh invasion and occupation of the Hazara region during the 19th century. During the Sikh occupation of Hazara, Muslims were persecuted and Muslim monuments were destroyed.British found Mashwanis brave, honest and faithful.
Mashwanis have been historically soldiers and were part of different armies, especially the British Indian Army which they enrolled in, sizable numbers between the 1850s and 1940s. Abbott was obliged to take with the refuge to the Mashwani tribe in their stronghold of Sirikot. Mashwanis are now soldiers in the Pakistan Army. They have played active role against Talibanization


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